Wedding Ready with Smile Brilliant: At-Home Teeth Whitening

March 15, 2018


As most of you know, our wedding is fast approaching and like most brides, I've assessed and re-assessed my beauty routine over the last several months. I updated a slew of things, from my skincare to my workout regime, but there was one aspect I hadn't surprisingly teeth! What you all might not realize is that my future hubby is a dentist, so teeth are a big part of our lives. Given his industry, he knows the best whitening systems on the market, whether they be professional grade or consumer level. So, when I was approached by Smile Brilliant to try their at-home whitening system, I had to get Will's input. From his initial review, he was very impressed with the active ingredients and two-part system, which included whitening and sensitivity gel components. I was immediately intrigued, and in desperate need of some whitening assistance, so I decided to give it a try!

Once I signed on, I received a kit to create my personalized whitening trays. Smile Brilliant will provide everything you need, and they make the process super simple. All you do is mix the mortar-like paste, fill the mouth guard with it and bite down. After holding for a few seconds, you'll have your molds! Those are then sent off to the lab, and in a few short weeks, you'll get a return package with your individualized trays. In my opinion, this is a key differentiator in the marketplace, and the custom trays really increase the efficacy of the whitening gel.

Now, I should share that my teeth were already relatively white (see "before"), so you may not find a huge difference in the pictures (see "after"). To me, however, I really saw an improvement, particularly with my lower teeth. More importantly, I have an increased sense of confidence, and you can't put a price on that. There's nothing more gratifying and anxiety-relieving them walking into a room (or down the aisle, in my case) and knowing that your smile is bright and white.
As I do with most of my reviews, let's break down my experience.

What I Loved - Ease of Use: The gels are held in little syringes, which makes the tray application process effortless.
- Quick and Effective: After about the 4th use, I could visibly notice a difference in my teeth.
- Affordable, yet offers Professional Results: The price of admission ranges from $139-$189, depending on the system you choose. That is a fraction of what you'd pay at the dentist's office. I received the T3 Sensitive Kit, and enjoyed it very much. I've been using the system for about two and a half months, and I still have plenty of product left!
- Non-Senstitve & Sensitive Options: The de-sensitizing gel is very unique, and is applied to the trays after you whiten. I have extreme tooth sensitivity, and this relieved most of the usual pain associated with whitening products.

What I Learned - I wasn't feeling like my results were lasting as long as I had hoped, but upon reflecting, my tea intake per day tripled and my water intake substantially decreased (a new job will do that to you!)...That's all to say, it wasn't a product-related issue, so I recommend that you be mindful of those  daily items that can cause stains if you decide to try Smile Brilliant. Remember, anything that could stain a white shirt, can stain your teeth. I simply started drinking water after each cup, and may results stopped fading.
- While the de-sensitzing gel worked wonders for me, in some instances, when I did not leave it on for as long as I whitened, I experienced sensitivity to hot and cold beverages the following day. That is totally normal, since it is a whitening product; however, it did not have a negative impact on my experience. I should also note, to provide more context, that the sensitivity was nothing compared to when I used to use Crest White Strips.

In summary, I really enjoyed this whitening system, and will continue to use it, even beyond our wedding. If you try it, I just know you'll feel the same! With that, Smile Brilliant is offering my readers a chance to enter an amazing giveaway, where you'll receive your own kit! Be sure to enter via the link below. A winner will be selected in 2 weeks from the date of today's post. If you prefer to place your order now, feel free to use my code "righttoremainfab" for 10% off.


Stay fab,
Lauren xo 

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