Luxury Lips (On a Budget) with Sara Happ

February 22, 2018

I chatted all about my cold weather lip essentials a few months ago, but today I want to share some of my amazing new finds. For several years, the name Sara Happ has been synonymous with luxury lip care...key word: luxury. Nordstrom and Saks toted her gorgeous sugar scrub creations for mid-double digits, and as a lowly law student, that was far beyond my grasp. While I no longer fall into the lowly category, I'm always watching my pennies. I don't often mention it on my blog (although I should!), to save on beauty, I shop with QVC. Now, you may think that's an old Italian lady thing to say, but you cannot beat their beauty bundles. So much bang for your buck! {Fun fact: my dream job is to be a QVC host!}

Several weeks ago, QVC shared their Sara Happ value set, and my little heart skipped a beat. Could I finally get my hands on not one, but three coveted lip products? Yes, yes I could! The other plus about QVC is their return policy, so if I hated the set, I could send it back with no questions asked. Well, as the tale often goes, I absolutely loved everything. I got it for an additional discount because it was Sara's debut, I believe, on QVC, but the current price still offers an immense savings.

Let's chat details:

(1) The lip scrub is crazy effective, yet still left my lips hydrated and soft. It also didn't feel abrasive during the process, which was something totally unexpected. Other brands that I've tried have always felt like a brillo pad across my face, which is was pretty unpleasant. Beauty is pain, right? Not anymore!

(2) The peach lip gloss is amazing because it combines a little color with Sara's signature lip treatment (discussed next). Most glosses will disappear with a swig of water, but not this one. Although it doesn't claim to be long-wearing, I find it lasts for several hours and wears evenly while leaving lips hydrated. The only negative is that the applicator is a bit large and a small amount of product goes a long way - just wipe some off in the tube prior to application.

(3) "The Lip Slip" is Sara's signature treatment that put her on the map. It originally came in a pot, which I was not a fan of. The tube version is a game changer, however, and was one of the main reasons I purchased this set. While there are many lip balms I use, I reach for this every single day! It's very versatile, and can be worn alone or with a lipstick. My favorite way to wear it is with a light pink lip liner. This combo offers just enough definition but makes the glossy look work appropriate. As a warning, you may find that texture to be sticky at first but I promise it will melt into the lips, and stay that way for hours on end.

Have you ever tried Sara Happy products? Is there anything beauty-related you splurge on? Let me know!

Lauren xo

P.S. I listened to you feedback, and will now be posting later in the week! My goal is to be sharing a post every Thursday. Be sure to follow along on my social platforms for your daily dose of fab.

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