Erin Condren Life Planner 2018

February 09, 2018

I'm so excited for this long-anticipated post! Today, I'm finally chatting about my organizer/planner/God-sent by Erin Condren. I've utilized a paper planner since high school, so the precedent has been set for several years. Throughout college I experimented with various options, but finally, in law school, I found the holy grail! Some millennial woman have mixed feelings about using paper-anything in today's day and age, but I speak from experience when I say that it's the only thing that keeps me on track. I have a lot going on, as most people. Working as a full-time attorney, part-time blogger and all-the-time bride, can seriously take its toll.

So, let's discuss specifics. While there are so many reasons why it's called the Life Planner, I highlighted what I believe to be the most important ones!

- Interchangeable covers with personalized text/pictures
- Select your coil color: black, silver, gold or rose gold
{I usually get silver but this year I opted for rose gold, and I'm obsessed!}
- Select your color scheme: colorful or neutral
{I have the neutral and use these stickers to add some color and interest. Also, stickers are bound into your planner.}
- Select your layout: horizontal, vertical or hourly
{I've had all options, except the hourly. Horizontal works best if you have a lot to write down for each day. I got that while in law school, but now that I'm working, the vertical meets my needs best. The three boxes can be used for scheduling, such as morning, afternoon and evening, or as specific note sections. I use a hybrid approach.}

Complete Organization
- High quality, easy-to-read paper
{These pens are the best, and never bleed!}
- Pre-printed note page before each month
{I keep track of finances, work-related items, wedding must-dos on this page.}
- Overview of current year and following year
- Folders
- Zipper pocket
- Blank note pages
- Laminated tabs

- Fits in most handbags and briefcases, offering scheduling on-the-go
- Accessories available to keep everything together
{I have a band that allows for my planner to stay closed while in transit.}
- Simple, discreet way to jot down information and organize your thoughts/appointments

Ideal for All Women
As women, we take care of households, husbands, babies, pets, work, etc., so having a handle on your schedule, brings immense peace of mind.
- For the professional: You can keep work and personal all in one place, ensuring nothing goes astray.
- For the mom: The various format options allow for maximum use, whether it be that each vertical box represents a child or a breakdown of your day, the possibilities are endless and will always meet your needs.
- For the student: In my humble opinion, structure equates to success. Some people work differently, but I've found that the more organized I was with my studies, the greater success I had.
- Regardless of what category you may fall into, no matter who you are, the motivational quotes add the perfect amount of pep to get you through a tough day.

I can honestly say that there will never be a time in my life where I don't have a Life Planner. As the demands of life continue to increase, I take great solace in knowing I'll continue to have my handy-dandy organizer by my side.

If you're interested in jumping on the #ECLifePlanner bandwagon, click here to create your own!

Happy Planning,
Lauren xo

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