Managing Adult Acne & Hormonal Breakouts

May 27, 2016

Quite some time has passed since I last shared a post with you all! How are you ladies (and gents)? I'm thrilled to say that I graduated law school, and am now in the midst of bar exam preparation. It's going to be a tough summer but I'm excited to spend more time blogging as a way to decompress.

With increased stress, comes increased acne. As most of you well know, I'm a huge skin care advocate. To me, it's the most important part of any beauty routine {read about it here, here and here}. I still struggle with breakouts during times of high-pressure, i.e. 3 years of law school, and when Aunt Flo pays me a visit. Thankfully, I've discovered a few key ways to manage my adult acne and hormonal breakouts.

1) Always wash your face before bed. I know, I know...some nights you are just too exhausted to wash away the day's makeup; however, there are great alternatives for those types of evenings, such as Micellar water or makeup wipes. My go-to, one-step face wash is Purity, and I never go a day without it. This cleanser with remove every stitch of dirt and makeup, leaving you with a moisturized clean slate.

2) Immediately treat breakouts with spot treatments/full-face masks. I've fallen in love with Valentia skin care, and tested out their skin detox clay mask. This stuff is amazing! It can be used as a spot treatment or a full mask, and I've had great results both ways. It's far more gentle than the glamglow mud but is just as effective. I would highly recommend this for those with sensitive skin because it doesn't dry your face out, even after consecutive uses. I've become super passionate about this brand for many reasons (high-quality, organic, vegan, cruelty-free, made in USA, effective, gentle, affordable, available on Amazon prime), so I would encourage you to give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram.

3) Wash/rotate pillow cases weekly. As gross as this sounds, our pillow cases are full of dead skin cells. It's essential to wash or rotate your pillow case on a weekly basis. This tip also goes back to my recommendation of washing your face before bed. If you don't wash off your makeup, all of that nastiness is going to become embedded on your pillow case, and further promulgate bacteria and breakouts.

4) Use a daily makeup brush cleaner. Makeup brushes touch our faces on the daily. We utilize cosmetics to cover our imperfections, which usually encompass a breakout or two. I've seen a significant reduction in my acne (particularly on my cheeks) by cleansing my brushes with a daily cleaner. The one from Sephora is my absolute favorite. It's convenient to spray and dries very quickly. I've cleaned a face brush and used it again within 5-10 minutes. It's a must!

P.S. Here are a few pictures of my graduation! My dress and shoes were by Ted Baker. I would highly recommend going into a TB store rather than Nordstrom. There are amazing store-specific finds. I'll definitely be purchasing again for my bridal shower and other wedding activities. Oh, and I've started a wedding planning countdown to get me through the bar. August 1st marks our one year engagement anniversary, and we are finally going to start the planning process! Woo hoo!!

Have a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend! Thank you to all our service members!

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