Skin Care Update: Serums!?

April 14, 2016

Received for Review Purposes via BrandBacker
I've shared several posts over the last two years about my skin care routine (here, here, and here). For the most part, my core items remain the same and I supplement with new goodies, such as a mask or spot treatment, 2-3 times per week. A few weeks ago I worked with Valentia on a post after testing out a few of their products. I love the brand because of it's high quality organic ingredients, accessibility, and results. The eye cream was my favorite of the bunch, until I had an opportunity to try their Royal Rose Hydrating Serum.

Let me be completely transparent here, and tell you that I expected to hate this product. First off, I despise the scent of rose. Any floral scent frankly reminds me of a funeral home...Not pleasant! And, second, I have yet to have a positive experience with a serum. Ones I've tested in the past always remained tacky on the skin, never absorbing properly. With this though in mind, I had anticipated writing the type of post I dread - the "this product wasn't for me, but you may enjoy it" post.

I am thrilled to report that this post is the complete opposite. I've come to adore Valentia's Rose Serum and have used it every day for over a month now. Here's what I love most about it:

- Ultra light weight hydration
- Can be layered with other products
- Absorbs quickly
- Scent is tolerable and dissipates within seconds {The real test was when I applied this with my fiancé in the bathroom and he didn't notice the scent at all. He also despises floral scents
- Rose has anti-inflammatory properties (who knew?) which has really helped my adult acne
- Available on Amazon prime

If you're in the market for a serum or a moisturizer in general, this is a great option. I always prefer light weight products in the Spring and Summer months so I will definitely be stocking up. Another awesome point I should mention is that Valentia's products are all natural and made in the good 'old USA. Can't beat that! 

Stay fab, 

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