7 Days to Skinny Jeans Oatmeal Smoothie

June 27, 2015

This smoothie is awesome for those of you looking for an energy-sustaining, healthy option for breakfast. The "7 Days to Skinny Jeans" Oatmeal Smoothie was originally created by Lauren Conrad. I drank it religiously every morning when I first started college and it was great. Its super quick and easy to make, and kept me in great shape.

Here's LC's original recipe:

~ 1 cup of ice
~ 1/2 cup of frozen raspberries
~ 1/2 cup of plain low fat yogurt
~ 1 banana
~ 1/2 old fashion rolled oats
~ 1 tbsp of honey
~ 1 cup of coconut water or other liquid, such as juice

My Version

1 1/2 cups of frozen cherries or raspberries
1/2 cup of low fat raspberry lemonade yogurt from Wegmans (80 cals)
1/2 cup of frozen mango
1/2 organic rolled oats from Target
1 cup of organic raspberry lemonade from Wegmans

My recipe variation is very tart and incredibly delicious for summer. You can literally use whatever fruit, yogurt and juice flavors you like though if you aren't a fan of my version. My suggestion would be to keep everything as organic and low calorie as possible. The key to this smoothie is the rolled oats, so as long as those are included, you can make your own creation. I am always (I repeat, always) hungry and this smoothie can keep my sugar levels stable for 5-6 hours so I don't feel deprived or get that "hangry" sensation. Highly recommend it!  

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