Barre3 Anywhere Challenge

May 31, 2015

Tomorrow, June 1st, I will be starting the Barre3 summer challenge. It runs from June 1-28 and only requires 4 sixty-minute classes (online or in-studio) plus 1 ten-minute outdoor workout per week. When you join, you will also receive a weekly summer recipe. With my summer work schedule, this is definitely doable and I think it will be for most of you as well.

For only $15, you can sign up for a one month subscription and get access to both the challenge workouts and a ton of others; however, if you live near a Barre3 studio, feel free to substitute an in-studio workout for an online.

I adore Barre3 {read more here} because it is low-impact but extremely effective at toning a woman's body. I've experienced amazing results with Barre3 and am super excited to get back into bikini-worthy shape.

Let me know in the comments below if you're going to join the challenge! We can keep each other accountable and stay motivated. Follow me on Instagram for weekly updates {don't forget to #barre3challenge if you're participating!}

Happy Sunday,

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