Weekending || New Camera, Snow Day, & Snuggling

March 04, 2015

After one of the most stress-filled weeks of my law school career, I finally welcomed spring break with a quick weekend visit with Will. I drove to Long Island on Saturday afternoon, and although the traffic was aggravating, I was thrilled to spend some time with my favorite guy.

On Saturday night, we decided to just relax and grab dinner at one of our favorite diners near his house - the Lake Grove Diner. I wore my super comfy lululemon tweed tracksuit and new Eddie Bauer snow boots. We proceeded to spend the night snuggled up watching the League. We watch the League on Netflix and it has quickly become one of our favorite shows. It originally aired on FX, and is about a group of friends who participate in a fantasy football league. It's hysterical and totally relatable.

Sunday morning brought a ton of snow, so our plans to get breakfast at a small local place and go for a fancy Italian dinner that night were put on the back burner. It turned out to be a great day anyway. Will's roommate was nice enough to let us use some of his pancake mix and syrup. Neither one of us are great cooks...but our pancakes were pretty tasty. They looked far worse than they tasted.

In the interim, I knew I was going to be linking up with some other bloggers for another weekending post, so we decided to test our my new Canon Rebel SL1. My awesome mom got this incredible camera for me for my 24th birthday. It was quite the investment but it is something that is going to bring my new found love for blogging and photography to the next level. Plus, it's great for all our family functions.

Sunday looked a lot like our Saturday night - we napped, snuggled, ordered pizza, and watched the League. It was absolutely glorious. Before we knew it, Monday morning was upon us and Will had to go to class, and I had to head back to Staten Island, then Philly on Tuesday AM. My spring break is consisting of catching up with school work, my externship hours, blogging, and sleep. I don't mind at all, since I don't have to sit through classes and most of my major assignments aren't due for another month.

Some of my favorite products to bring with me when visiting my man
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I hope you all had a great weekend and have started the week off on the right foot. Be sure to follow along on Facebook & Instagram for fabulous daily updates!

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