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February 16, 2015

I've never been so excited about Friday the 13th as I was this year. Why you ask? It was Barrister's Ball (i.e. law school prom) and I was finally seeing my love after 4 long weeks of being apart. See, this little stupid thing called professional school keeps getting in the way of us being normal people. I have a year and 4 months of law school remaining (but whose counting...) and he has 2 years left of dental school. We have a ways to go, so we love when we have an opportunity for a night out.

Prep for Barrister's Ball, just like prom, starts weeks in advance with the very important purchase of the dress. I opted to go with a cocktail dress rather than a gown so I would be able to wear it again. I found a gorgeous LBD at Lord & Taylor for a great price, and paired it with my favorite shoes ... my black patent leather Christian Louboutins. Will got them for me as a Christmas gift a few years ago, making me the happiest fashionista ever.

Dress by Xscape via Lord & Taylor (sold out) 
similar :: similar

The cost of Barrister's can increase quickly...between the tickets and the hotel, we were already well over my allowed law school budget. I was going to pay to have my makeup done at MAC, but decided at the last minute to cancel. For $55 worth of product that I didn't really need, I could easily do my own makeup. It's not like I don't have a steady hand with a winged eye liner. I also try to avoid MAC because they engage in really atrocious animal testing. 
However, as luck would have it, I gave myself a nasty chemical burn in an attempt to quickly demolish an impending zip on my chin. Needless to say, I was at the store the day of Barrister's buying green-colored primer to cancel out the icky red patch on my face. In case you didn't know, green pigment will conceal redness, whether it be from a pimple or skin issue, like rosacea. This was my first time using it and no one could tell I had a huge burnt patch on my chin, so I highly recommend it. 

Eyeshadow || Primer || Foundation (Step 1) :: My shade is "Ginger" :: {deeper shade options} || 
Blush by MAC "Warm Soul" (old) || Setting Spray || Mascara || Liquid Lipstick || Lip Gloss

Also, Will & I were super excited to spend Valentine's Day together. Even though I've always recognized that it's a completely manufactured holiday and never gave it much prominence, we were happy to be together. There was no way in hell we were leaving my apartment that night, but we did grab breakfast at our favorite diner on the Mainline. Between the cold and our Barrister's exhaustion, and just a general affinity for snuggling with Rudy on the couch, we decided to have our favorite Wawa sandwich for dinner and watch movies & the League (our new favorite show) as it snowed. Sadly, Sunday came quickly and we had to say our goodbyes. Of course, that was only after the frigid weather decided to stall Will's car battery. Once roadside assistance gave it a jump, he was on his way back to Long Island. 
French Toast from Minella's Mainline Diner in Wayne, PA
We don't have the same week for spring break, but they are back-to-back, so we will get to see each other very soon. Lord knows I have an absurd amount of work to get done between then and now but he keeps me pushing. 
Happy Weekending!
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