Worst Beauty Products of 2014

January 12, 2015

Up until this point, everything I've discussed on my blog has been positive...but it's time to discuss the horrors that have plagued my 2014. Now some are worse than others, but all are definitely on my "do not buy again" list. Please keep in mind that some products may not have worked for me, but may for you. So, if your favorite product has made my worst list, please don't take offense. {the lawyer in me insists on this kind of disclaimer}

Worst Beauty Products of 2014

1. Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Night Cleansing Pads

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These pads destroyed my skin! I'm not even exaggerating... In an attempt to save some pennies on my skin care, I opted for the something from the drugstore to clear my persistent acne. I have never been an advocate of inexpensive, mass-market skin care and have always used high quality products from brands like Philosophy. 

I used these pads every night, as per the directions, for about 2 weeks. At first, I thought the absurd amount of painful, red acne was part of the clearing process...but it was not. The acne started to scar and I immediately ceased use. Thankfully, I have found an incredible new, organic, affordable skin care system that saved my skin - Michael Todd Organics. I will be doing a full video review on it because it is by far the best skin care I've ever used. 

2. Mally Beauty Poreless Perfection FluidFoundation 

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If you've seen my recent Instagram post, you know that I despise most liquid foundation. The only one I use is Tarte's Amazonian Clay's perfect. When I'm not using a liquid, I swear by bareMineral's original foundation. It's the best, hands down. 

Molly's Poreless Perfection FluidFoundation was one of the most disappointing beauty products I've ever tried. It came in a QVC Today's Special Value kit in July 2014. Now, Mally Roncal, being Beyonce's former makeup artist, has come out with some phenomenal products, such as her mascara and blush. This, however, was not her finest moment. The color of the foundation was completely off. I usually take a medium but read online that the colors were way too dark. I tried the light, which was ghost-like, but when I exchanged it for the medium, it was the most unnatural color with very heavy orange undertones. To make matters worse, the consistency was crap and has a terrible smell. Once buffed onto the face, the formula dried very powdery and was completely moisture-sucking. I highly doubt you will like this product, so please see above for my main suggestions. 

3. DryBar "The Chaser" Shine Pomade

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I received this product as a sample from Sephora at the beginning of the summer. I had heard amazing things about DryBar's products, and of course, about their signature blow outs at the salons. Having never been, getting a sample from their line thrilled me....until I actually used it. 

I had such high hopes for this pomade. While it does give the hair a shine, expect it to come along with a ton of oil. My hair is never oily on the first or second day, but with this, it was. On top of the icky shine/oiliness, it doesn't tame flyaways at all. After about 5 seconds, the flyaways come back with a vengeance. This product is a total pass. Plus, my boyfriend despises the smell of bueno. 

4. Formula 10.0.6 Pores Be Pure Mud Mask 

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This purchase was yet another attempt to save some cash on my skin care, and surprise surprise ... it did not end well. 

Formula 10.0.6 is sold exclusively at Ulta, I believe. Ulta is fabulous, but some of its brands are not. This mud mask is one of the them. Pinterest claimed that it was a dupe for the high-end Glam Glow mud {which is definitely worth the money}. Formula's mud left my skin tinkling in pain and was so liquidy that it was nearly impossible to get proper coverage on the face...I returned it the next day. One thing I can say is to never risk your face for the $5.99 supposed-dupe. 

The only good thing about this post is that its short! I'm really thankful that 2014 only brought a few beauty mishaps. I'm hoping to have another post with my top beauty favorites of 2014 up later this week, but with law school starting back up again today, I can't make any promises.

What were the worst beauty products you encountered this year? Let me know in the comment section below :)

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