Skin Care Routine

January 27, 2015

My Skin Care Routine

The most frequently asked question I receive is about my skin care regime. I included my new favorites in my recent 2015 Must Haves video, but here's a comprehensive list of my routine.

This routine starts at night, rather than in the morning, because my main skin care takes place before I go to bed.

1. Philosophy's Purity Made Simple
This is what I wash my makeup off with. Purity is hands down the best facial cleanser on the market. It literally melts every stitch of makeup, debris, and oil from your face. It's as if you wash on your day in one, easy step. WORTH EVERY PENNY to buy the large size with the pump, and additional mid-size bottle {shop here}.

2. Michael Todd True Organics {MTTO} Charcoal Detox Cleanser 
This deep pore cleanser goes right on my damp Clarisonic and gets my skin to its cleanest. Charcoal is know to be one of natures best detoxifies and my acne is almost non-existent after using this. Let me put it to you this way - it was finals period during my first semester of my second year of law school and my face did not break out further explanation necessary.

Also, I highly recommend investing in a Clarisonic, even if you use different products. It gets your skin to the best condition it can ever be in. DO NOT BE FOOLED by the knockoffs - they do not have the patented sonic technology and will not clean the way they claim. If you can't afford the big daddy Clarisonic, I recommend the Mia version.

I have never used a toner in my life. I've always heard negative things about them, mainly that they have very harsh effects on the skin. After watching many reviews on YouTube, I decided to go for the kit that included this. MTTO is known for its specialized toner, however, so I don't recommend any other brand. This toner is amazing...Often times, after cleansing our face, we pop pimples and open up pores. If we simply put moisturizer on following our cleanse, we spread the bacteria all over our face, into the popped pimples and pores. Can you say gross? You will feel a slight cool tingle, but that's how you know it's working. The best part about this toner is its hydrating properties, so you will never feel that tight, dry feeling all over your face.

{for normal weather days during all seasons}
Super light, oil free, and long-moisutrizing. I put this on at night and never have to re-moistuize in the AM. I put my makeup primer right over my nighttime moisturizer. This is why I discussed in the beginning of this post that my skin care takes place at night - I don't have a morning routine unless I feel like my skin needs a second cleanse for some reason.


Philosophy's Hope in a Jar 
{for extreme weather days during winter}
You will get insane hydration from this. Sometimes it is too the point of too oily if it is not extremely cold out. Think this weeks blizzard I will be pulling out my Hope in a Jar over the next few days. 

BONUS: Acne Treatments 
{if applicable}
I would do this prior to applying the MTTO Toner.

Prior to discovering MTTO, I used GlamGlow Mud, which is very costly. However, I found it at a reduced price through Amazon.

I now use MTTO Kaolin Clay Mask either as a full face acne treatment or as a spot treatment. This is far less harsh then the GlamGlow, and leaves my skin significantly more hydrated and gets the job done very quickly. Typical turnaround for a hormonal pimple is about 2 days. If non-hormonal (i.e. period-related), it will be gone by the following morning). I don't recommend sleeping in this mask. I leave it one for about an hour before bed.

I hope this answered many of your questions. I'm a firm believer that you can get alway with spending less on cosmetics, but you cannot skimp on skin care. You get one face for a lifetime - treat it right.

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