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December 22, 2014

ZenWise Hair Growth

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They say a woman's hair is her crown and glory, but unfortunately, mine has always been very thin. After switching to WEN hair care by Chaz Dean, I saw a significant difference in the thickness; however, that only went so far. I knew it as time to start caring for my hair from the inside out. I was on the hunt for a supplement for hair growth when BrandBacker offered participating bloggers an opportunity to try ZenWise Labs' Hair Growth Vitamins, which can be purchased on Amazon

What drew me most to these particular vitamins were their high milligram level of Biotin and the inclusion of other high-end supplements. Biotin, however, is the key ingredient necessary to build healthy, luminous hair. After only about 3 weeks of taking these quality, organic vitamins, I noticed my hair was thicker and longer than ever before. Another great added benefit was the growth of my nails. The key, as is with anything, is consistency. I made a point of taking my vitamins at 8pm every day, and even set a reminder on my phone so I wouldn't forget. I would always recommend taking these vitamins after a meal so that you won't upset your stomach. I will continue to take these into the new year and will hopefully be able to provided updates, including before and after pictures. 

itWorks' Greens

Hate protein powder? I certainly do, and I know many others share my sentiments. I swap out that chalky, gunky traditional supplement for itWorks' greens when making my morning smoothie. I prefer the the berry flavor. itWorks greens contain several servings of fruits and veggies, and assist in alkalizing and detoxifying the body. I feel super energized and healthy after drinking it, and am prepared to start my day off right. It's super convenient to add when you purchase the to-go greens since they come in a small packet. Knowing I get true, natural nutritional value leaves me peace of mind, considering most health-benefitting smoothies contain artificial powders and supplements.

You can purchase greens and other itWorks products, such as the carb-prohibiting Fatfighter vitamins and skinny wraps, here! Contact my high school friend Emilie via her site or Facebook should you have any questions.

Lemon-Berry Smoothie Recipe 
Featuring Berry itWorks Greens

*requires a blender*
Serving should varying depending on cup size

Raspberry Lemonade Trop50
Organic Frozen Peaches
Organic Frozen Raspberries
Organic Frozen Mangos
1 packet of itWorks Greens, berry flavor


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If you know me, you know I love pilates, but that kind of workout can get old really quick. After almost 10 years of practicing pilates, I wanted a change, but something that was close to home. I discovered Barre3 in late 2013 and fell in love with it. Barre3 combines pilates, yoga, and ballet barre (Read a full review here). I initially ordered the DVD's to workout at home, which is how I typically exercise. I literally saw my body start to change in a week after starting this program. With law school, my consistency was totally lackluster, so I decided to sign up for Barre3 classes in my area. There are tons of new locations popping up, so I encourage you to check to see if there is a a studio near you. The classes are 60 mins long and offer a total body workout. I felt so good the weeks I was able to go.

If you hate to buy those at-home workout DVD's or don't have the time or desire to workout on location, Barre3 also offers an online subscription where you can stream workouts right to your laptop or tablet.

Have a happy, healthy holiday season! 

Stay fabulous, 

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