The Clarisonic: An Update

June 28, 2014

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There's one thing in life I believe you should never skimp on, and that's skin care. You have one face for your entire lifetime and you have to treat it kindly. My monumental skin care rule is to ALWAYS wash your face before bed. The amount of debris and bacteria that accumulates on your face after a day of school, work, or running errands (or all of the above) can leave your skin is a horrible state. The worst thing to do it lay your head on your pillow with a face full of ick.

The Clarisonic, a facial cleansing brush by the makers of the Sonicare toothbrush, has been a staple in my skin care regime for about two years now. I can attest to the fact that this incredible device has changed me life. Most of my skin issues virtually disappeared within a few days of using the Clarisonic, and I was using the same products I had beforehand. I truly believe it makes your current cleansers work with a higher level of efficacy. My first post on You Have the Right to Remain Fabulous was actually about the Clarisonic (see here) because it was the one skin care product I could not live without. 

The Clarisonic comes in a few options, one being the smaller version of the original, known as the Mia2 (there are other versions available // all can be purchased at Macy's, Sephora, QVC). Due to my love affair with the Clarisonic, I decided to get my boyfriend, Will, one for Christmas. Realizing that he likely wouldn't need the full-sized version, I purchased the Mia2 in graphite from Macy's for about $125, since I had a coupon (currently at $149.99). He too has joined the Clarisonic bandwagon and he has seen incredible changes in his skin. 

The main point of this update is to let all of you know that the Mia2 works just as efficiently as the full-sized version. So for those of you who may be hesitant to purchase the larger size Clarisonic or are unable to do so because of financial constraints, I want you to know that you will NOT be getting less of a product when purchasing the Mia2 or less expensive version of the Clarisonic. 

My opinion is, as all my opinions are, based on personal experience. The past few weekends, I've taken the LIRR to visit Will at dental school in Stony Brook, NY. I would lug my Clarisonic back and forth Friday after Friday, until I realized that Will had a Clarisonic unit at his house. I decided to throw an extra brush head in my bag to leave in my drawer at his apartment. I have used the Mia for about 3 weekends in a row and I have to say that my skin is equally as clean and clear as it is with my larger unit at home. I think the smaller version may be a more beneficial option, due to its compact size and portability. 

Three key tips for all Clarisonics: 
1) dry your brush head after use (just leave it out to dry each morning/night)
2) look on Groupon for discounts on new brush heads (replace every 3-4 months) 
3) use the Clarisonic every day (consistency is paramount & this device is not an exfoliator, so it will never dry out your skin) 

*Please do not be fooled by imitation devices. Frankly, they suck and are a waste of money. Clarisonic technology is patented and cannot be replicated. 

If you are still on the fence of which version to purchase, see below for a comprehensive list of pros & cons for the Clarisonic Mia2 (or smaller version of full-sized unit):

From $99-$199
No option for body cleansing (especially good for cleansing feet & back and prepping for self tanning)
Small, light weight & portable
Frequent charging due to smaller internal battery
Just as efficient & effective as full size-version
Only 1-2 speed options
Uses same brush heads as all other Clarisonic versions
Limited warranty

Thank you for reading my latest post! 

Stay fabulous, 
LMD xo

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