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May 30, 2014

For about two years now, I've heard great things about, but surprisingly never utilized the site. My sole credit card is through Discover and they offer great cash back options, so I just didn't see a need.

I got an internship at a firm in Manhattan over the summer and really wanted a new tote bag to hold all of my commuting necessities. I decide, after much deliberation, to go ahead a buy a Rebecca Minkoff large M.A.B. tote (I absolutely adore this bag ... review to come). Nordstroms was having a great sale, so they had it for the cheapest price. A large Rebecca Minkoff bag is typically about $300 but with the Nordstroms sale, I was able to get it for $197.

However, that still was not enough of a bargain for me. I checked my Discover cash back options and all they offered was a measly 5%. After that, I figured I would see what this Ebates site was all about...and it's awesome!

All you have to do is sign up and click through to whatever site you plan on shopping that day. I was able to get 15% (yes 15% additional) off my order. I got about $30 back...that's approx. $150 savings on a super expensive, huge, vegan leather bag.

You can receive a check the traditional way, or through PayPal. I set mine up to have it sent directly to my PayPal account since you can easily transfer funds to bank accounts or pay bills. They send your checks roughly every 3 months, but I got mine in less than a month (not really sure why it was so soon but either way, that's a short enough window to wait for your money back).

Ebates offers a ton of stores with varying cash back options, including: Asos, Macy's, Nordstroms, VistaPrint, Sephora, Forever21, etc. You can search for any store and it will display the percentage back you will receive. It's like always having a coupon!!

There's literally nothing better than saving some money on the things we love and are purchasing regardless...Please check it out:

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