Yoga Socks...Fantastic Workout Enhancement!

January 12, 2014

I had never heard of yoga socks before today. While doing my weekly shopping at Wegmans, I saw the fitness aisle with a "Sale" sign on almost every item. Of course, I was like a bee to honey and ran over to see if anything was worth while. Wegmans has a great fitness section, oddly enough. I've come to absolutely adore Wegmans since my move to the Philly burbs. The place literally has everything you can imagine, and at reasonable prices. While paroozing the yoga mats, I came across toeless yoga socks. They were originally $9.98 but on sale today for $7.98. I ordinarily would not waste almost $8 on a pair of socks, but these were so unique. Prior to starting up my new workout regime, as discussed in my Barre3 post a few days ago, I was interested in getting a pair of Nike Studio Wrap yoga/ballet/pilates shoes; however, they go for $110, and that was certainly not in my budget. The toeless yoga socks resembled the open structure of the wrap shoes and even had the grips on the bottom. For under $8.00 and knowing Wegmans has a good return policy, I figured what the hell, let me give them a try.

I originally wanted to invest in such odd-looking fitness footwear because of the positive reviews I read about in Shape and Fitness magazines. The footwear supposedly provided traction while practicing yoga, barre and/or pilates, but allow for the feel of being barefoot. I've often wore regular socks during my workouts and would be sliding all over. I also tried the alternative by going sans socks, but found myself digging my feet into my mat or carpet, causing a cramp up my leg. I was just uncomfortable with the lack of anything between the ground and my foot.

After doing my Barre3 workout this afternoon with my new socks, I am completely sold that it was the best $7.98 I've ever spent. I was able to complete my workout without a slip or an ouch from foot discomfort (aside for the agony of the actual workout moves, of course). The socks allowed for flexibility and a real sensation of being completely barefoot, that I feel the Nike wraps would not have been able to provide, since they are not quite as flexible. For anyone who practices yoga, pilates, barre or dances, I would recommend getting a pair of these socks. They are a great addition to your workout routine. I even found my formation to be better.

As you know, I typically workout at home, but for those who attend classes, these socks are a great option, since your naked feet will not be exposed to a public workout space. They are definitely worth a try!


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