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January 18, 2014

Looking for the perfect blowout but are unable to do so with a blowdryer? Want to be able to get a blowout without styling soaking, wet hair? The Perfecter by Calista Tools has solved these issues and I am officially obsessed. It took me a few months to really fall in love with it, because, for the most part, I was using it wrong. This styling tool is a essentially a heated round brush. It can only be used on dry hair. What I like most about it is that I can just blow-dry my hair without trying to style it first. I still use a round brush to smooth my hair and I try to get it as dry as possible. The key to using the Perfecter is to move it through the hair slowly and in the direction of the way you want you hair to look. It's ergonomically designed to be easy for all users. As mentioned in my post about the Beachwaver, I am a novice at doing hair. I'm on a constant search for simple styling tools to make my hair look its best. The Perfecter is definitely one of those tools. I get body, volume, and some curl - just like a blow-dry blowout. It gave me the perfect look when I had practice negotiations yesterday, and it lasted all day. I have baby-fine hair so it is rare that styling lasts all day for me. I only used a Suave lightweight shaping hairspray and WEN styling creme to de-frizz.

See below for a step-by-step guide:

  1.  Dry hair completely (not necessary to style it)

  2.  Section your hair into 4 pieces: top and bottom section on each side of your part

  3. Start with the bottom sections, selecting a width of hair about an 1 1/2 wide

  4. Pass the Perfecter through the hair once to smooth

  5. On the second pass though and subsequent passes, move slowly and flip the brush under or over for your desired look. I go for a flip out with my bottom sections and over direct on the top sections for volume. (I may post a video for further clarification)

  6. Repeat with remaining pieces and sections.

  7. Spray with lightweight hairspray or whichever kind you prefer. I flip my head over, to get more fullness, when spraying hairspray.

*Available on 4 Easy Pays until 11:59pm on 1/19/14*

It can also be purchased from,, or, but for a price of approx. $99.99, and it does not come with the styling spray. I don't use the styling spray with the Perfecter but love it with other styles.

Image c/o


Tamed the fizz in photo 1 with Pomegranate Styling Creme by WEN (to be discussed in later post, but it's awesome!)


Stay fabulous!


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