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January 25, 2014

My obsession with planners began on my first day of high school, when all the students received that infamous agenda book. I attended an all-girls, private school in Staten Island, NY that had a reputation for superb college preparation...and boy were the rumors true. I've coined my experience as "academic bootcamp." It was the best/worst 4 years of my life and definitely not your typical high school experience; however, I made the best of friends and met my incredible boyfriend of 8 years, who attended our brother school. The other great thing that came out of my unique high school experience was my ability to manage my time. I wholeheartedly credit my time at St. Joseph Hill Academy for my organizational skills. The type of academic program I was involved in required the use of an agenda, since there was no other way to keep all the necessary studying and extracurriculars in order. That planner was my lifeline, and it remains to be an essential part of my daily routine to this day. Since I received a school-provided agenda while in high school, I've never been able to quit find one like it post-high school. That all changed a few weeks ago when I learned about Erin Condren's Life Planner. It was being raffled by the jewelry company I'm a merchandiser for (see my page for some fab jewels!). I took a look at the website and completely freaked out in excitement. This planner is completely customizable, from the cover to the stickers. The only drawback that initially turned me off was the price. The classic planners go for $50. I found a $10 off coupon and my mom offered to get it for me as a birthday gift, so I went for it. I placed my order on January 6th and it arrived to my doorstep on Thursday. My excitement could not be contained. I had the holy grail of planners in my possession.

  1. Customizable cover with a variety of patterns and your name, year, saying, or whatever you want

  2. Covers are fully laminated

  3. Spiral-bound for easy page turning

  4. Perfect size - 7.25" x 9.25" - not too big, not too small

  5. Monthly calendar and weekly calendar

  6. Monthly calendar has a laminated tab indicating the month

  7. Weekly calendar has morning, afternoon, and night boxes under each day (*I was originally weary about this but I've come to really like it. It enables me to keep even more organized, but it may take some people time to get used to)

  8. Notes section, with both lined and unlined paper

  9. Folder in the back to hold any important papers

  10. Vinyl pouch, which is one of my favorite aspects. I use it to hold my post its!

  11. Stickers, both already printed and blank (you can have customized stickers placed in the planner as well at an additional $5)

  12. Clever, fun, inspirational sayings throughout
If you are interested in purchasing a planner, click this referral link to receive $10 off:

*Side Note: For those of you who are questioning my need to still write down my daily schedule, even when we live in an age of hyper-efficient technology, it is impossible for me. I love my iPhone and Macbook, and consider the calendar feature to be one of my favorite aspects, but it cannot organize my life and daily schedule the way a perfect paper planner can. I've tried, believe me, but it just doesn't work. My fellow Hilltoppers (high school classmates) may be the only ones to truly understand my odd need. For those with speculations, I say give it a try... physically writing things down be really productive! I promise :)

Some free custom labels included


Comes with a bookmark/ruler that fits perfectly on the spiral binding

The blue elastic book bound you see is actually a headband. Erin Condren sells a set of 3 for $6.75 but in an effort to save some money I repurposed a headband and it works the same.

Got the blue headband from CVS for like $2.00 or use an old one. I personally got a new one to match the colors of my planner (I'm picky like that)

You can keep all important dates in order

 Overall calendar for the year

Monthly Calendar with laminated tab

Weekly Calendar with weekly goals/notes

 Weekly calendar with space below each date for notes

Lined notebook paper

Important Contact Info

A few pages for contacts

Pre-printed stickers (birthday)

Pre-printed stickers (vacation, hair appt., doc appt., sale, game, mani/pedi)

Blank stickers (I use sharpie pens to write in)

Blank stickers

Folder (side 1) to "keep it together"

Folder (side 2)

Unlined note paper

Fun, inspirational sayings

Vinyl pouch with my post its! (Fav part)

Laminated tabs


More customized freebies !

2 Year Planner on interior back cover (fully laminated)
Thanks for checking out my review!

Enjoy & Stay Fabulous (and organized) !

LMD xo


  1. Love ur blog!
    Thanks for the post, I'm going to order an organizer, personalized!
    Love n hugs! Happy Birthday!

  2. Thank you so much! Happy that you are enjoying it! Xox


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