Effortless Curls with the Beachwaver

January 11, 2014

Struggle to get the perfect curl? Want that Victoria Secret model hair (who wouldn't haha)? Well, the Beachwaver, an innovative, rotating curling iron, promises just that.

I always found that doing my makeup came easily to me, but my hair was a completely different story. I envied my girlfriends who could get their hair to look professionally done without hours of work. Although I asked for tips and tricks, I could never reproduce the same result on my own head. They say that your hair is your crown and glory, and due to my lack of skill, I always felt my crown lacked sparkle - until I discovered the Beachwaver. Like so many other beauty items I've come across, I first read about the Beachwaver in Allure magazine, which is my beauty bible. As my luck would have it, QVC (my other go-to) had an airing of the Beachwaver a few days later, plus it was on easy pay... and you all know what that means - I bought it!

The creator, Sarah Potempa, is a celeb hair stylist who saw the need for this product in the market and made it. It really changed the whole way I look at doing hair. The Beachwaver is a heated curling rod, with a small clip at the bottom to place your hair into, that rotates at the push of a button. The best part, though, is that you select either left or right, depending on the side you are curling. This ensures that curls will look perfect and frankly like a professional stylist did it. No longer would I struggle with curling wands, hot rollers (although I still love them too), regular curling irons, or diy blow outs in order to get the look I was searching for. It was all in one, simple tool. Since I was so follically challenged, you can trust that if I can do it, so can you. Also, I am skeptical of most heated curling products out of fear that my hair will get caught/ripped out/etc. The Beachwaver is so easy to work that ANYONE can do it and look fabulous!

Below are some pictures of my hair done with the Beachwaver from New Year's Eve 2012 & 2013. In my 2012 pic, I sectioned my hair into smaller curls and in 2013, I opted to go for a fuller, thicker curl. I love that you can still get volume with the Beachwaver too - hair is never flat! I should also mention that I have extremely fine hair and have left the hair salon on numerous occasions, after having my hair done for a prom or party, to be left in just a few short hours with all of the curls falling out. The Beachwaver, even at the lowest heat setting of 390 degrees, keeps my curl intact for 12+ hours. That in itself is a miracle for me. The curling rod is titanium plated and all that good stuff, so I feel that my hair is protected. I don't use any products during the process to hold the curl, but I do use light hair spray upon completion and apply volumizing mouse prior to my blow-dry. I will have another post about my hair regime at a later date.

This is an investment, but well worth it. Especially if you struggle with styling your hair.

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NYE 2012

NYE 2013


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