January 25, 2017

My Fragrance Collection

Trinket Tray via HomeGoods (Christmas Gift from my future Mother-in-Law)
Another HomeGoods tray!
Stilla Liquid Lipstick // available herehere and here
Considering that I've come down with a terrible cold and have been working like a mad woman, I'm so glad I finally made my Wednesday post deadline! So, I hope you enjoy today's topic. I'll be discussing the details of my fragrance collection. Since fragrance is something that is truly based on personal preference, I've hesitated to share my favorites on blog. After some contemplation, however, I decided it would be fun to provide some insight into that aspect of my beauty routine. 

In terms of scent, I've always been drawn to very clean, fresh notes. There's something about floral or powder-based notes that just doesn't do it for me. Again, based on my personal preference, I feel much older than I am when I wear those notes (not to mention that my fiancĂ© hates them as well). Over the years, I've opted to be very purposeful in my curation of fragrances. My collection presently consists of wearable and versatile options that I believe are great from work to weekend. Most are season-less as well. Given how costly fragrance is, I highly recommend determining the price per wear to get the most bang for your buck. 

WEN by Chaz Dean Six Thirteen Eau de Parfum - Great for the weekend
Burberry Brit Sheer - All time favorite! I'll probably wear it on my wedding day {Rollerball here}
Elizabeth & James Nirvana White - Very feminine, perfect for date night
Philosophy Pure Grace - Go-to for work, lasts all day
Antropologie Fiction Eau de Parfum in Los Angeles - Mostly wear in Spring/Summer

What do you reach for most often? I'd love to hear what your favorite fragrance is!

January 06, 2017

(Still) Mad for Plaid

 Plaid Shirt // Leggings // Boots // Necklace // Speedy 25

Although the holidays are over, my love of all things plaid has not ceased! Closet Candy Boutique and Jane.com sell my favorite cotton-plaid shirts if you're in the market. I also received my first true flannel plaid shirt from LL.Bean for Christmas, which you'll see on the blog soon. The combo featured above is my go-to for running errands on the weekend. The button-down top makes it feel a bit more dressed up than your usual sweatshirt but is equally as comfortable. My new UGG boots were also a gift from Santa. They are amazing, offering both warmth and comfort; however, I do my best to avoid brands with known animal-cruetly practices, so I wouldn't necessarily purchase these with my own funds. Since they were a gift, I graciously accepted and will continue enjoy them. I just felt it best to disclose that point. 

On a more positive note, the #Mrs necklace was a pre-wedding gift from my Maid of Honor, Lauren. I love the rose-gold color. It's such a cute addition to my jewelry wardrobe, plus it has a great memory behind it. We purchased it at Kleinfeld's last week when we went wedding dress shopping (insert little girlish screams here!!!)...It was the most wonderful and overwhelming experience of my life. Needless to say, I did not say yes to my dress that day but I do have it feeling it will happen soon enough though so stay tuned.

Also, Lauren just launched her new blog called Love, Lauren Michelle! Please be sure to go give her a follow... Guess you can say that we're besties who blog :)

Hope you're all having a great Friday! Thanks for stopping by.

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Stay warm,